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R&D Asbestos survey – The Retreat, York.

The Retreat was opened in 1796 by William Tuke, a retired tea merchant. Originally intended to be a place where members of The Society of Friends (Quakers) who were experiencing mental distress could come and recover in an environment that would be both familiar and sympathetic to their needs. Some years earlier, a Leeds Quaker, Hannah Mills, had died in the squalid and inhumane conditions that then prevailed in the York Asylum. Appalled at this Tuke and his family vowed that never again should any Quaker be forced to endure such treatment. In other news, the place needed an asbestos survey! We were very happy to oblige.

The client at this prestigious hospital is in the process of a full refurbishment of one of it’s wings. We’ve been excited to do a complete asbestos R&D survey to the entire wing. Importantly this included the undercroft where asbestos pipework was previously known to have been installed. Ranson Surveying carried out these survey works, and advised the client and the builders on the extensive programme of asbestos removal works. This needed to be carried out before the building firm could carry out the refurbishment safely.


Project information

  • Client: The Retreat, York.
  • Project date: 17th April 2019

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